J34 / Auto-portrait : En route pour Perth

Allez hop, 1h30 de moins au cadran de ma montre en franchissant la frontière qui sépare le Northern Territory du Western Australia et un petit mois pour rallier Perth. En camion Marcel. PS : sur ma carte laissée par un prédécesseur allemand, mon doigt pointe Perth tandis que je me trouve en-dessus de la grosse étendue jaune en bord de côte. En gros je suis plus proche de Bali que Perth :p

J32 / Meet a Stranger : Ross

Ross is 70 years old but still in a good damn sharp. He went back to Kakadu NP because he discovered a cave with some aboriginal art a few years ago and he wanted to take some pictures for his daughter who is a teacher. He gave us a few tips and told us how he is respectful of the crocodiles haunting the billabongs.

J21 / Meet a Stranger : Nicolas

Nicolas is a french winemaker. He came to Australia to work for two months in a winery on Kangaroo Island. Last year he was in South Africa and next year probably in Chili or Argentina. That is a pretty good way to combine work and travel !

J7 / Meet a Stranger : Mark

I met Marc a few days ago : he was curious why I was taking pictures of my breakfast (remember J3). He was, like me, a homeless and he has travelled all around Australia. He gave me a few tips like : never feed a kangaroo, he will kick you as soon as you finish feeding him, or where were the free hot showers in town. I took a couple of pictures of him, but they were blur because I had forgotten to change the settings after the coffee’s picture. That was the 1st lesson of this project. So I … La suite