J21 / Meet a Stranger : Nicolas

Nicolas is a french winemaker. He came to Australia to work for two months in a winery on Kangaroo Island. Last year he was in South Africa and next year probably in Chili or Argentina. That is a pretty good way to combine work and travel !

J8 / Meet a Stranger : Alon

Ok ok, I’m gonna start with the same theme than yesterday (even though I post the message 2 days later because they still don’t have internet in the outback). Alon is an Israeli backpacker, we met on gumtree, which is an awesome website where we can find everything : from a secondhand vehicle to a premium hand mate. However, we wanted both to explore the Flinders Ranges and he came along on board of the van. Like all the others Israeli backpackers, he travels just after his army service, which lasts 3 years for a man and 2 for a … La suite

J7 / Meet a Stranger : Mark

I met Marc a few days ago : he was curious why I was taking pictures of my breakfast (remember J3). He was, like me, a homeless and he has travelled all around Australia. He gave me a few tips like : never feed a kangaroo, he will kick you as soon as you finish feeding him, or where were the free hot showers in town. I took a couple of pictures of him, but they were blur because I had forgotten to change the settings after the coffee’s picture. That was the 1st lesson of this project. So I … La suite