J7 / Meet a Stranger : Mark

J7 / Meet a Stranger : Mark

I met Marc a few days ago : he was curious why I was taking pictures of my breakfast (remember J3). He was, like me, a homeless and he has travelled all around Australia. He gave me a few tips like : never feed a kangaroo, he will kick you as soon as you finish feeding him, or where were the free hot showers in town. I took a couple of pictures of him, but they were blur because I had forgotten to change the settings after the coffee’s picture. That was the 1st lesson of this project.

So I met an other Mark, from Colorado this time. We were at Mt Arapiles, the Temple for climbing in Australia and he was looking for a mate. Great, I was also looking for an experienced climber !

Even though he has lost the full mobility of three fingers, he is still a hard climber and he led all the way up the Resignation, an impressive, scary, but wonderful 96 m way, grade 15 (5+).

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